The box-gluing process of the folder-gluing machine should be controlled from the following 4 aspects

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The box-gluing process of the folder-gluing machine should be controlled from the following 4 aspects:
1. Take different measures for different processes. For example, in the product industry that has been coated, you can ensure the penetration of the adhesive by using coated adhesives, grinding the sticky mouth or moulding dots at the sticky mouth. Improve the fastness of glue box.
2. Control the coating amount of the adhesive. The thickness of the coating is usually controlled to 0.3mm, which can meet the requirements after being stretched by the belt.
3. After adjusting the gluing pressure, the gluing pressure should be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper. It is required that no obvious indentation is formed on the surface of the carton or the dark ribs of the carton should not be formed after passing through the gluing belt area. , The situation where the dark tendons bounced off immediately.
4. Control the drying time of the adhesive. For fast-drying adhesives, there is no such problem; for slow-drying adhesives, sufficient drying time should be reserved after inspection and packing, and it must be Give a certain amount of pressure inside the box.

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