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With our mobile app for contractors, members can earn certifications and marketing support that can easily be redeemed through your sales representative.

    Contractor Benefits

    Membership in the Quality Edge Contractor Network provides you with the access and custom resources you need to win in your market.


    • Certified Contractor
      Be featured on our corporate website and gain access to our pre-qualified customer leads.
    • Specialized Training
      Access on demand training resources for your sales team and crews.
    • Custom Marketing Tools
      Have access to marketing support through direct mailings and digital ad campaigns.

    Did you know contractors can increase win rates with a few simple techniques?

    Our program leverages data-driven insights to help you build on the success of your business. At Quality Edge, we’re always seeking new ways to provide professionals with the best tools for all your building and remodeling projects and our Contractor Program was created to deliver results.

    Where to buy?

    Are you a contractor looking to purchase Quality Edge products? Use our Find a Distributor search to locate your nearest Quality Edge product distributor.

    Integra Roof System

    Quality Edge roofing accessories have unbeatable durability and are easy to install. Combined with a variety of solutions and the strength you need our drip edge perimeter flashing, roof flashing, and metal valley offer infinite possibilities.

    Inside Out, 280 White, Underdeck, Underdecking

    Elements Outdoor Living System

    Quality Edge is a manufacturer of outdoor living systems that are ideal for those who desire to build a durable and elegant exterior oasis that is low maintenance. Our program offers a complete line of rainware solutions including gutter coil and accessories in a wide selection of painted aluminum colors.

    5" Plank, 6" Board & Batten, 280 White, 482 Gilded Grain, 518 Black, Rainware, residential, trim, TruCedar, TruLine Fascia, Metal Siding, Steel Siding, Metal Siding Panels, Siding Alternatives, TruCedar Steel Siding, Metal Siding House, Steel Siding Panels, Steel House Siding, White Metal Siding, White and Black Siding, Lakehouse Plans, Modern Lake House Plans, Lakehouse Design, Vertical Metal Siding, Steel Board and Batten Siding, Vertical Steel Siding,

    Craftsmen Select Siding System

    Quality Edge has developed weather-resistant steel siding collections utilizing one of the strongest, most versatile and recyclable materials, while safeguarding owners against costly repairs and maintenance. To complete the look, Quality Edge has designed, engineered and patented some of the most attractive and best performing soffit ventilation products in the industry.